Elektor-RFID-Reader USB Drivers

Driver installation under Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)

The Elektor RFID Reader comes with the Élektor-Vendor ID (0x0C7D) and a Product ID (0x0005). Because the Elektor RFID reader uses a modified Vendor ID and Product ID, it’s not possible to use the original FTDI CMD driver from the FTDI website.

Note: This driver is not certified and cannot be installed on Windows 8 x64.

icon_zip.gif Windows USB Treiber for XP/Vista/WIN 7 (32/64-bit)

icon_zip.gif FTDI_EEPROM_Template


Driver installation under Windows 8.

Windows 8 x64 will only allow the installation of certified drivers. The certified driver supplied by FTDI (http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm) will work with the FDTI-Vendor ID (0x0403) and the Product ID (0x6001) for their respective devices.

For this driver it is necessary that the Elektor Ventor ID (0x0C7D) and the Elektor Product ID (0x0005) is replaced by the FDTI-Ventor ID (0x403) and the FDTI -Product ID (0x6001). This is done by changing the FDTI chip configuration.

For changing the FDTI-chip configuration, FTDI provides the free software tool "FT_PROG"(www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm).

Important: The following steps must be running under Windows XP or WIN7.

1. Start FT_PROG
2. Read the FDTI-chip configuration with the menu command Device | Scan and Parse.


3. Select in the dialog "USB Device Descriptor" for the custom VID / PID option the value "FDTI Default "..


4. Download the modified configuration with the menu command Device | Program in FDTI chip.

Now you can use the original certified FDTI USB driver for the Elektor-RFID-Reader under XP / Vista / WIN 7 / WIN 8.

The FT232R USB/RS-232 Converter

FTDI's FT232R (IC1) was selected as a USB-to-serial converter for the reader circuit.

  • USB 2.0 Full-speed compatible. 
  • The entire USB protocol is integrated on the chip.
  • RS232, RS422 and RS485 with a data rate of between 300 baud and 3 Mbaud. 
  • Different bit bang modes.
  • Integrated 1024-bit configuration EEPROM.
  • Integrated USB termination resistors.
  • Built-in clock generation requiring no external crystal.
  • Configurable Control Bus (CBUS) I/O pins.
  • Unique identification number (FTDIChip-ID).
  • Free driver for Windows, Windows CE.NET, Linux und Mac.

USB-Treiber Architektur

Future Technology Device International (FTDI) provides two different versions of the PC drivers. Tge Virtuelle COM-Port (VCP) driver emulate a traditional RS-232 interface (COM port). Auf In this way, existing PC software, such as a terminal emulator, can be used.

The second driver variant,  Direct Driver (D2XX), consists of a proprietary DLL (FTD2XX.DLL). This has a lot more features available that the VCP driver. Reading and writing the EEPROM configuration requires the use of the D2XX driver. Data communication is much more efficient with this driver, as it uses the Direct Block Transfer and Bulk Mode USB feature.

For Windows, the installation of the VCP and D2XX drivers is done from a single package, in the Combined Driver Model (CDM). This has only been the case since 2006. Until then, it was not possible to install both drivers together on a Windows system.

For the Elektor-RFID-Reader, both drivers are needed. The Virtual COM Port driver is used mainly for programming the P89LPC936. The current C# reader library uses the D2XX driver DLL, due of its expanded features.